Outline Profile of EX.Board Co.,Ltd.

 Welcome to the site of EX. Board Co., Ltd. 

EX. Board provides (1) the executive search service to the world's leading firms in                pharmaceutical and medical-device industry and (2) timely industry-related job information and career development consultation to hundreds of job-hunting candidates.                        EX. Board maintains a substantial network of contacts with well-talented/experienced       executives as well as young professional players with superior skills and potential. 

 The top priority of EX. Board is (1) to satisfy client company's human capital needs by         introducing the talented candidate appropriate to each position and (2) to complete the job-hunting  activity of candidates in a successful shape:  WIN-WIN situation for job-providing  Company and job-hunting Talent. 

Why the company name is " EX. Board" ?

As well known, there are lots of positive- and productive-meaning English words to begin   with  "ex" such as executive, excellent, experience, expert, expand, express, expect etc.       And the word "Board" is interpreted as a piece of strong material for a group of people to     ride on and have power to control a company/organization". So, " EX. Board" symbolizes the company where executive people get together on the board for communication of their        excellent experiences as expert to expand further their horizons in an express manner.       Both sides of hiring companies and job-seekers can positively expect the great benefit 

through "EX. Board".   

Profile of Senior Consultant, Tomokazu Sato, Ph. D (TS)

TS was born in 1947 as one of baby boomers (2.6 mil) after World War II and grew up with   

a competitive spirit to a great number of the same generations for things and education. 

Fortunately TS spent his young days with little failures at schools and in the society until 

the college graduation in 1970. After then, TS experienced several job positions: at  a          biological research laboratories of a domestic company for 14 years, at University of           Virginia for 2 years (post doc researcher), at hospital pharmacy for 3 years and at R&D        division of 2 foreign-born global pharmaceutical companies for 18 years.  

Obviously, TS has experienced at least 3 areas (1) basic researches in Japan and US, 

(2) pharmaceutical development in global companies and (3) hospital pharmacy which is

one of the typical end users of pharmaceutical products. 

So, having been involved in the major process/stage of pharmaceutical industries and 

the relevant people/organization management, TS is able to make good use of those

experiences, knowledge and skill for fair and deliberate consultaion to provide both of         employer Company and  employee Candidate with WIN-WIN situation which is the goal of

" EX. Board" !